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How Roots and Other Natural Events Block Industrial Pipes

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It would seem like heavy-duty industrial pipes should be sturdy and able to block out things like roots. But even the strongest materials can eventually break due to continued force from these and other natural elements beneath the ground.

Here’s how roots and similar natural events can affect your pipelining systems.

Root Growth

Your pipes are put into place, and then they stay there for the most part. Aside from some ground movement and force, the pipes remain where they are placed. Tree roots are not like that, though.

Beneath the ground, you have tree roots and other things that grow and move. Where pipes remain constant, these things do not. While other natural events can infiltrate your pipes, roots are the leading cause of problems.

Roots never stop growing unless they are destroyed. While they may grow slowly, they will continue to grow over time. It is in their nature to grow toward a water source, which is why they grow toward your pipes.

How Tree Roots Affect Industrial Pipes

When tree roots and other natural events attack your pipes, they can cause a variety of different issues. The most common issue is breaking or cracking the pipes. But then, they grow inside of the broken or cracked pipes and eventually clog them.

These are the side effects of tree roots vs. pipes.

  • Broken pipes
  • Cracked pipes
  • Trees growing through the pipe
  • Sinkholes on site

Eventually, the tree roots will grow so much into the pipe that they completely clog it, leading to a blockage and the need for repairs.

Signs Your Pipes Need Repairs

There are several indicators you can look for to determine whether your pipes might be in need of repairs. Most of the time, you’re going to discover an issue in your industrial pipes based on a blockage, but there can be other signs.

Here are a few of those.

  • Flooded or soft areas on property
  • Clogging issues
  • Backup problems
  • Smells of sewer

The piping system will begin to fail in some way, leading back to the need for repairs on the pipes.

Repairing Industrial Pipes with CIPP

When your pipes do become clogged or affected by tree roots or other issues, you don’t have to dig to make repairs. In most cases, you can make repairs to all types and sizes of pipe through the use of CIPP technology.

CIPP uses a lining and UV technology to cure that lining. Once the pipes are cleared, the lining can be placed to repair the pipes, protecting them in the process.

The result of using CIPP technology is reducing your downtime and not having to dig to the pipe to make extensive repairs. It’s a quick but efficient process that has been shown to be a long-lasting and reliable solution.

Give Us a Call for Your Pipe Repairs

When your industrial pipes need repairs from tree roots and other natural causes, Industrial CIPP is here to help. Contact us today to get the necessary repairs made without invasive digging practices.

Industrial CIPP serves commercial and industrial pipelining systems for every type of pipe and repair, including large-diameter pipes.