Vertical Pipeline

Trenchless pipe repair isn’t only useful in ground lines. At Industrial CIPP, we use cured-in-place technology to repair vertical pipes quickly and easily. We believe in helping you save your building and your time. If you’re looking for vertical pipeline rehabilitation, we can help.

Accessing vertical pipes is often very difficult. Many drains and industrial pipes run through multiple stories of one building. Unfortunately, accessing them for traditional pipe repair can involve opening walls, floors, and ceilings on multiple floors. This often requires extra labor and a lot of extra money to repair the openings.

Fortunately, Industrial CIPP’s flexible liners can fit many drains and vertical pipes. You can redo an entire pipe system at once, giving you the durability of CIPP in every part of your pipeline. Vertical pipeline rehabilitation helps to eliminate the need to damage your building while keeping your business up and running.

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