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Tree Root Pipe Damage: Make Repairs the Right Way

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Tree roots can wreak havoc on pipelines no matter where they are. A tree doesn’t even have to be right above or next to a piping system for the roots to affect them. When tree roots strike, CIPP for industrial pipes is the best repair solution. This repair and maintenance solution allows you to seal the pipes, clear them, and protect them from future harm. And there is no need for invasive digging practices.

Tree Root Damages

Any pipes that run beneath the ground are at risk of tree root damage. Tree roots will apply pressure to those pipes and can eventually crack them, get inside them, or even push the pipes out of alignment.

Most underground pipe systems have water or moisture that flows through them. And tree roots are attracted to that moisture. Because of that, roots grow naturally toward those pipes, and ultimately attack the pipes as well.

The roots get pretty aggressive and they can grow thick and infiltrate pipes over time. Even some of the strongest pipes can be susceptible to tree root damage.

And if the roots aren’t getting inside the pipes, they can damage the pipe under pressure. This is where pipes break, crack, or get dislodged.

For so long, this has been the dreaded issue with underground pipes. Repairs almost always required digging and using invasive equipment. But that is no longer the case.

CIPP for Industrial Pipes

CIPP for industrial pipes can be useful in two different ways. The first is that you can repair the damage from tree roots. CIPP is a slip lining that is placed and then cured on the spot. With UV technology, the pipes can be repaired and usable in a matter of hours.

The other CIPP solution is proactive maintenance. Pipes that you know are old or vulnerable can be lined before damage occurs. This may help prevent further issues.

CIPP is a great solution for industrial needs because it can be used on all pipe materials and sizes. You don’t have to dig or worry about trenching. An experienced professional can access the pipe, use their CIPP equipment, and have you running again in no time.

Industrial CIPP uses a robot or special software to identify weaknesses. Then the lining is placed and cured for a long-lasting solution. CIPP has been shown to last for more than 50 years. It’s an affordable and reliable choice to consider.

Tree roots don’t have to be the enemy. Can they still cause damage? Sure. But now, there are simple solutions to fight against those damages. And no digging is required to repair your pipeline structures.

Let Industrial CIPP Help with Repairs

When you’re dealing with tree root damage, we’ve got you covered! Our systems offer CIPP for industrial pipes to repair and maintain pipes that are damaged or at risk. We use the best technology in the field to ensure you get reliable results.

Whether you’re dealing with a pipe failure or you just need proactive maintenance, we can help. Contact us today and let’s discuss your pipelining project needs.