Large Diameter Pipe Inspections & Repair


Large diameter pipes pose a special challenge to pipe inspections. Because most cameras are built for looking into small pipes and spaces, push cameras aren’t able to give clear readings of larger pipes. Large diameter pipes require more powerful cameras and lighting, as well as more flexibility and precision. Industrial CIPP has acquired the right tools and the right skills to inspect and repair large diameter pipes.

Large diameter pipes are a high stakes situation. They carry heavy loads and lots of pressure. Any flaw can rapidly grow into a huge problem. A visual inspection by a skilled technician is the best way to ensure that your pipes are in working order. Industrial CIPP does multiple pipe inspections to ensure the job is done correctly.  An inspection before CIPP installation determines the state of the pipe, before the work begins. An inspection after CIPP installation ensures that your cured in place pipe is well formed, well connected to lateral lines, and ready to handle heavy loads.

Industrial CIPP uses a laterally launching robot to complete rigorous visual inspections of your pipe. This robot can go down a manhole and laterally go through your pipes and visually inspect them. The powerful camera is at the end of a long, flexible arm that allows for precise control and a full view of what is going on inside the pipe. The robot can be guided in to closely inspect any perceived flaws. It can even guide a patch repair if a problem turns up.

Large diameter pipes are key to many industrial sites. However, they pose high risks, and can be difficult to inspect and repair. Even though traditional push cameras aren’t up to the task, Industrial CIPP has invested in the technology to get this work done. With our laterally launching robots and skilled technicians, visual inspections of large diameter pipes is viable and effective.

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