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Environmental Safety: Keeping Pipe Leaks from Ruining the Landscape

pipe leaks


Pipe leaks are a leading cause of landscape damage. They can pollute the environment, introduce mold, and even lead to dangerous biohazards. This is why responsible property owners regularly maintain their pipe systems.

However, pipe repair can be its own headache. Traditional trenching can destroy property and landscape, costing a fortune to remediate and replace. Luckily, trenchless technology is an easy fix for pipe problems and can avoid the issues accompanying trenching.

Read on to learn more about how trenchless technology can help protect the environment against polluting pipe leaks.

What is Trenchless Technology?

Trenchless technology is a new alternative to traditional pipe repair that allows property owners to repair pipelines without digging them out. As the name implies, experts can perform trenchless techniques without the traditional dig-and-replace. Trenchless technology is a blanket term for pipe repair techniques that don’t require digging. 

Types of Trenchless Technology

There are two main types of trenchless technology:

Cured-in-Place Pipe Repair (CIPP)

CIPP is a modern form of trenchless pipe repair that allows pipeline specialists to remediate the damaged pipe by reinforcing it from within. To perform CIPP, experts must insert a flexible epoxy liner into the damaged line through a small access point.

Afterward, the repair team uses water or air pressure to expand the line, pressing it against the inner walls of the damaged pipe. Then, with heat or ultraviolet light, they cure the liner in place, creating a jointless protective layer within the old pipe.

Slip Lining

Slip lining is a type of trenchless repair that allows experts to reinforce or repurpose a damaged pipe from within. It requires the expert team to insert a smaller diameter pipe into the damaged line, creating a jointless layer.

The process enables commercial and industrial properties to repurpose their old lines to serve a new purpose. For instance, experts can perform slip lining on a water line to allow it to carry chemicals safely.

Benefits of Trenchless Technology Against Pipe Leaks

One of the main advantages of trenchless technology is its environmental friendliness. The procedure prevents pipe systems from developing cracks and leaks, helping to avoid damaging property and landscape. 

Here are some other benefits of trenchless pipe repair technology:

It is Cost-effective

Trenchless technology is an economical pipe repair option because it doesn’t require expensive equipment. Experts can safely remediate a damaged line with some equipment and far less time than trench pipe repair.

Also, its minimally invasive nature prevents structural and landscape damage, saving costs on repairs and replacements.

It is Fast

Trenchless pipe repair technology is faster than its traditional alternative, as experts can complete the procedure in a much shorter time. In addition, since it excludes trenching, the repair team can save on digging, reducing work time and downtime.

It is Sustainable Against Pipe Leaks

Trenchless technology is a sustainable fix to many pipe problems because specialists can safely reline pipe systems many times. In addition, they can apply epoxy to pipelines previously lined with it. 

Since the process is fast and cost-effective, it is a practical, long-term, and sustainable solution. Also, pipe relining can increase the lifespan of pipe systems by up to a century.

It is Versatile

Property owners and experts favor trenchless technology because they can apply it to various pipe repair scenarios. The procedure applies to pipes of different sizes, diameters, and materials, including PVC, concrete, steel, plastic, and clay.

It is Eco-friendly

Cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) is a trenchless technology that uses epoxy resin to reinforce damaged pipes from within. Epoxy is an organic, plant-based material that degrades entirely, making CIPP a green pipe repair option for commercial and industrial properties.

It is Non-Disruptive

Trenchless technology is a non-disruptive way to restore damaged pipelines because experts can complete the procedure without disturbing day-to-day activity. In contrast, trench pipe repair requires occupants to vacate the premises for days and weeks, disrupting commercial and industrial activity.

Overall, trenchless technology is innovative in tackling pipe issues without incurring more damage and costs. In addition, it provides a safe and sustainable repair procedure for property owners, occupants, and even the repair team. 

If your pipe systems are damaged, you need immediate professional service. If delayed, pipe issues can result in extensive structural and water damage and mold and biohazard exposure. Also, prompt attention can help protect the environment and prevent pipe leaks from damaging the property and landscape.

Contact us at Industrial CIPP, where our expert team is equipped to remediate damaged pipelines safely. In addition, we always conduct a video inspection to locate the fault, assess it, and determine a suitable fix.