Utility Inspections


Safety before, during, and after a project is paramount on a job site. A key part of ensuring safety is clear focus when inspecting lines, before and after anything new is added. Unfortunately, cross boring is a dangerous situation that arises when human error creeps into job sites. However, a utility inspection of pipes shows any cross boring, and ensures the safety of those working at your site and anyone who uses the property afterwards.

The risk

Cross boring happens when mistakes are made on a job site. Every pipe and cable under your property is documented. However, these maps are sometimes difficult to read. Even experienced technicians can make a mistake that results in a pipe being dug through and another pipe or cable crossing through it. The best-case scenario is a simple leak, but in the worst cases you could end up with an explosive combination. If an electrical cable breaks down inside of a natural gas line, one spark is all it takes to start the explosion. Even sewer lines pose significant health and safety risks to the people who work there.

Utility contractor inspections can help

Utility contractor inspections check on the safety of the pipes you lay. A laterally launching robot with a camera is launched into a manhole. Because the long arm that holds the camera is flexible, it’s perfect for getting a good view of the whole pipe. At Industrial CIPP, inspecting every inch of your pipe is a priority. It only takes a small cross bore to create a large problem. With a utility contractor’s visual inspection, we quickly find any cross boring. Catching a mistake early can prevent a disaster.

Cross bores can pose a large risk, but they can also be easily avoided. While care in laying new cables and pipes is essential, it’s not foolproof. Human error can strike at any time. Utility contractor inspections can catch cross boring before it becomes a disaster. Industrial CIPP keeps the level of technology needed to ensure your utility contract inspection is quick and accurate.

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