Video Inspection

In order to properly identify problems in your pipes, a video inspection is performed. Visual inspection of your pipes, conduits, joints, and other pipe features helps to accurately identify your issues so a proper repair plan can be drawn up.

The importance of a video inspection is to help find leaks, blockages, and cross boring. They also give an understanding of the general condition of your pipes. Additionally, video inspections help to locate your laterals and connections, as this data may not be available on the surface.

Industrial CIPP offers video services on a variety of main lines. We inspect pipes accessible through manholes, inlets, vaults, building pipes, and more. Our video inspections can cover almost all storm drains, water, or sewer pipes for industrial buildings and machinery.

Once the status of your pipes is determined, Industrial CIPP then supplies you with a detailed report on the findings. Finally, our skilled technicians will offer recommendations for how to proceed from there.

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