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Top Benefits of Lining Industrial Pipes

industrial CIPP


Industrial pipes are critical for transporting fluids and gases in industrial processes. Over time, these pipes face harsh conditions, including high temperatures, corrosive substances, and mechanical stress, which can wear them out and reduce their lifespan.

To mitigate these issues and ensure the efficient operation of industrial facilities, lining pipes with protective materials is an essential practice. Luckily, CIPP corrects pipe issues and improves flow, durability, and efficiency.

Industrial CIPP Provides Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is one of the biggest threats to industrial pipes, and it can significantly reduce pipe life, leading to costly repairs or replacements. Lining industrial pipes with protective materials prevents corrosion and ensures the longevity of the pipes.

For example, lining industrial pipes with a protective material like epoxy forms a barrier that creates a new pipe surface apart from the corroded one. The epoxy barrier prevents rust from entering the pipe, as it resists corrosion.

It Improves Flow Efficiency

Lining industrial pipes can significantly improve flow efficiency, increasing productivity and reducing operational costs. The lining creates a smooth surface that eliminates friction and flow turbulence, increasing the flow rate and improving the overall performance of the pipeline.

Also, lining industrial pipes reduces the pipe’s diameter slightly, increasing pressure and boosting the flow efficiency.

Industrial CIPP Ensures Environmental Protection

Industrial facilities are responsible for transporting and processing materials that can potentially harm the environment. However, the likelihood of leaks and spills decreases significantly when property owners opt for industrial pipelining.
The protective materials in epoxy create a protective barrier between the contents of the pipe and damage-causing factors like moisture, chemicals, and weathering. It ensures there is no risk of spillage or leakage.

Reduced Expenses

Lining industrial pipes with protective materials can extend the lifespan of the pipes, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacement. It helps reduce the chances of potential fines and penalties from industrial spillages.

Lining industrial pipes is often faster and less disruptive than excavation or replacement. Pipeline specialists can install CIPP without excavation, reducing the installation time and cost.

By investing in preventive measures like pipe relining, industrial facilities can extend the pipe life, reduce maintenance costs, avoid environmental disasters, and promote sustainable operations.

While CIPP is an effective piping solution, it is crucial to find a reputable contractor. At Industrial CIPP, our expert team has the expertise and experience to correct your pipe issues. We can return them to their pre-damaged state. We want to hear from you.