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Cured-in-Place Pipe Maintenance Stops Leaks in-the-Making

Pipe leaks are always on the horizon when you are in charge of a commercial property. This is an unpleasant truth, but one that should be considered by anyone it concerns. Doing so allows you to plan for pipe failures that commonly affect plumbing systems. Being ready is key to not wasting money or falling behind on other aspects of the property.

For instance, any business-housing property will take a hit when the piping suffers from a bad clog. The side effects of clogs can be cracks in the walls due to pressure, soiled ceilings and walls, and foul odors that hang in the air long after the issue is fixed. As a direct result of these issues, the property will need to be evacuated until conditions are safe again. Kicking out tenants or employees never results in anything positive.

Regular maintenance stops common pipe issues from hurting a property’s value or stalling the regular onsite proceedings. Cured-in-place pipe repair, or CIPP, is a developing solution that has made repairs quicker and easier, which makes scheduling regular check-ins far less difficult. While every piping system features a variety of unique challenges, such as floor plans and age factors, CIPP is an adaptable technology that you should have no trouble accepting whenever there might be a rising problem.

What CIPP Does and What It Doesn’t Do

CIPP contractors use slip-liners to secure problematic pipes. Liners are fed into intended pipes from the surface, typically through a utility hole opening. The installation involves the application of a special resin, which helps form tight-fitting and joint-less pipe sections. This resin holds up to numerous pipe issue instigators, such as corrosion and quakes. The curing process is much faster than older methods. CIPP contractors can use a variety of tactics to cure the resin, including hot water, UV lights, and steam. In fact, LED lighting cures at a rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes, cutting the hardening time down to a less disruptive—and more manageable—timeframe. CIPP does improve upon securing methods.

CIPP does not involve removing older or damaged pipes from the system in need. CIPP slip-liners and resins are injected inside without pulling the pieces out. Forcing busted pipes out could lead to unstable sections. With all the attention focused on one section, collateral damage often slips under the radar, especially when a maintenance job becomes frustrating. Jobs don’t always go as planned, with forceful actions becoming a last resort to eliminate the problem. CIPP does not rely on aggression. Instead, slip-liners are applied with finesse, with remote tools used to finish things up.

Industrial CIPP Rehabs Pipes Before They Cause Problems

While no one likes to think about problems, CIPP creates an affordable option, one that you can request to stop problems from developing. At Industrial CIPP, our contractors can rehab older or damaged systems and do it quickly, all in a way that saves you money. Our team uses cured-in-place pipe repair to avoid interior wall damages. We provide regular maintenance to keep commercial pipes in top shape, not just acceptable conditions. Ask us how a regular check-in will save you from numerous pipe hassles.