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How Commercial Pipe Systems Gain Years of Pipe-Life

Commercial pipe systems require the correct steps to keep them running for years. Generally, pipe inspections should be followed up with action to rectify the problems, whether they are common issues like pipe clogs or something more complex. Proper repairs and maintenance can reinforce aging commercial pipelining systems, especially when your contractor applies cured-in-place pipe repairs (CIPP) to the situation. In many cases, a CIPP rehab job can add up to 50 years of pipe-life to a commercial system.

Multiple Advantages with CIPP

CIPP repairs are applied on-site. Using resin curing methods, the contractor slides a new pipe into place while removing the fragments of the damaged pipe. CIPP means less environmental damage, lower costs, and smarter operations against common plumbing signs like unfamiliar odors, wall or foundation cracks, and unresponsive or slow pipe flow. All of these advantages add up to savings if you are in charge of a commercial property. Each element makes for a longer-lasting pipe system.

What Does “In-Place” Mean?

CIPP pipelining system repair will occur following an inspection. By using a snake-like video camera, your contractor can assess the damage. This happens “in place” as well, meaning the video camera can reach inside a pipeline no matter how narrow it is. The areas in question do not allow human interaction due to size constraints for many pipe repairs, but a video inspection erases that problem. Even with an aging pipeline, there’s a chance to streamline documentation and maintenance.

Following the diagnosis, your pipelining system repair service can send a contractor your way. Using CIPP repair, they can operate without using heavy machinery to tear the place up. Chances are, the pipeline—if it was installed years ago—might be difficult to access without breaking ground. This is why CIPP repair is so valuable: there is no need to damage the environment when contractors can fix pipes on the spot. In the end, your pipes have a longer lifespan thanks to CIPP’s finesse.

CIPP Rehabilitated Commercial Pipe Systems Hold Up

For example, rehabilitated pipes hold up to flooding or harsh winds that might knock commercial properties around. A cured-in-place pipelining system can stand up to this kind of aggression, minimizing any disruptions that could affect everyday operations, because CIPP repairs have a high success rate.

CIPP Versus Old Pipe Systems

Commercial pipelining system repair is the solution for older sets that run under or around your properties. With CIPP, contractors can rehab older or damaged systems and do it quickly, all in a way that saves you money. You can take care of each step in one go, no matter how daunting it might seem. While you can’t rely on older pipes forever, you can protect them against surprise breakdowns as time passes and your business grows.

No-Dig Commercial Pipe Repairs

To fix pipes and leave them secure, contractors need enough workspace. In some cases, repair costs can skyrocket due to digging equipment costs. It’s safe to say that for most property managers, staying on budget is a must. Thankfully, CIPP jobs rarely require extreme excavation measures. CIPP contractors can cure resin and form tight-fitting, joint-less, and corrosion-resistant replacement pipes where they sit without tearing the land apart. Operations can occur through upstream utility holes or minimal access points created by contractors.

Out with the Old, In with CIPP

CIPP innovations in the piping industry are advantageous for any commercial property owner. Many repair services still rely on traditional repair methods, while our specialists only use proven cured-in-place ways to address any pipe issue. Contact us today to learn how to reinforce your commercial pipes.