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No-Dig Pipe Repair Outdoes Traditional Methods

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No-dig pipe repair is an essential response for dealing with commercial properties. For years, contractors used traditional methods to replace pipes and undo clogs. Unfortunately, this typically involved time-consuming dig jobs that left an environmental mark. As a result, this needless construction could turn away property visitors and concerned investors.

Traditional repair methods cannot offer the versatility that CIPP repairs can. Without cured-in-place pipe repair, commercial sewer system failures are always big jobs with expensive, multi-day digs. Even the simplest of pipe repair jobs can lead to devastating displays of environmental damage.

CIPP repair has become the new standard to deal with faulty pipes. Thanks to innovation, contractors can now fix damaged sections right where they are without extensive digging. On top of resin-based fixes, CIPP offers better preventive measures for breakdowns as well.

Exchanging Pipe Sections without Digging

To keep CIPP a no-dig process, contractors insert a tool at the entry point of the existing tube. This tool is connected to a new pipe before the old pipe is burst. This process allows the old pipe to be destroyed while drawing the new pipe into place. This is a no-dig solution because the force of the new pipe allows all pieces of the old pipe to be removed quickly and safely by your contractor.

Better Prevention Against Leaks

Epoxy coating is a preventive measure that improves the quality of commercial pipes, along with the speed and frequency of water flow. With CIPP, epoxy coatings have been known to provide protection against corrosion and erosion for up to 50 years. Once applied, you will never need to worry about frequently uncovering pipes. Epoxy assists pipelines, reinforcing them to withstand significant amounts of pressure or bends without any drawbacks. Contractors use an epoxy coating to increase elasticity for targeted pipes, ultimately reducing the risks of static damage.

Epoxy coating is a versatile product that improves upon traditional repair methods, all but eliminating the need to use digging equipment for checkups. Thanks to CIPP repair, epoxy coating helps pipes have a longer-lasting performance. Unlike the limitations of traditional pipe repair methods, CIPP is applicable to commercial drains, sewer pipes, and HVAC systems. Our pipe specialists can seal pipes that curve into multiple 90-degree angles, fortifying pipe joints against quakes and old age.

Slip-Liner Application with No-Dig Pipe Repair

Slip-liners help to restore brittle pipe sections, bonding the system together. Traditional approaches often end up being a temporary fix, unlike CIPP. With modern methods, a pipeline rehabilitation service can save you money down the road by preparing you for the worst. CIPP repairs can prevent leaks in older pipes, help solidify important joints, and maintain pressure in the overall system. With slip-liners, pipe specialists can reinforce pipes onsite through small, non-invasive entry points.

Once a pipe is cleaned and free of debris and water, the contractor feeds the liner into the pipe from the surface through a utility hole. The installation closes with the application of a special resin. The contractor can expertly cure this resin and form tight-fitting, joint-less, and corrosion-resistant replacement pipes. To speed up the process, contractors can use hot water, UV light, or steam to fix your bad pipe scenario. Afterward, you won’t be able to detect the entry point.

Outdoing Traditional Pipe Repair Methods

With CIPP, your contractor can determine where repairs need to be made without tearing up the grounds or structures. Simply put, this no-dig pipe repair service keeps small jobs from blowing up into large and expensive disasters. Industrial CIPP offers video inspection, vertical pipeline rehab, cross bore inspections, and large diameter pipe repairs. Whenever you need it, our utility contractors are there to inspect, fix, or reinforce your pipe systems. Industrial CIPP provides what traditional pipe methods can’t. Contact us for the solution to your pipe issues.