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Why CIPP Slip-Lining Cures Faster and Lasts Longer

In the field of pipe repair, CIPP slip-lining is an in-demand technology for several reasons. For the uninitiated, slip-liners are a size-appropriate fabric that contractors insert into existing pipes that need to be reinforced or patched up. These work for storm drains and other types of pipelines.

Once a liner is in place, the specialist injects a resin to bond the old and the new sections together. True to form, the entry point is minimal and easy to cover up. The result is a stronger piping system. This security alone is reason enough for its popularity, but another major advantage is the quick curing process, which has become increasingly smoother and faster, thanks to ultraviolet curing.

Ultraviolet Curing Technology

CIPP technology has made its name among commercial property owners, from smaller clients to large corporations. CIPP slip-lining works for almost any type of commercial location, pipe system, and pipe issue. Ultraviolet curing is yet another addition to the fold, which has increased our clientele base and for good reason. For this process, contractors use light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, to cure pipes at a rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes. This is much faster than traditional curing methods. Depending on the size of the pipe, ultraviolet curing cuts labor down from days to a matter of hours.

Long-Lasting Effects of CIPP Slip-Lining

With CIPP slip-lining, contractors won’t need to uncover a pipeline system or loosen the surrounding sections. Once a slip-liner is in place, the contractor can expose it to heat or ultraviolet light without having to create extra entry points. Basically, contractors complete the work without unneeded complications. This process extends to fixes for pipe clogs, leaks, and physical damages. CIPP benefits the client and the worker by making every step more calculated. As a result, the finished product lasts longer because the specialist can be more efficient. Once the repairs are completed, you can open and reinstate water or sewer flow to the property.

Less Aggressive Pipe Repair

In most situations, CIPP pipe repair is less aggressive, which makes it safer and better than traditional methods. Cured-in-place pipe repair is known as a no-dig process. This means no heavy-duty digging and no need for trenches. Even with intensive pipe-swapping jobs, the specialist can make the exchange without the need for manpower. Force, while useful in many situations, isn’t needed with CIPP methods.

To burst and swap a pipe, contractors insert a tool at the entry point of the problematic tube. This tool is connected to a new pipe, which allows the old pipe to be destroyed while the new one is drawn into place. Any pipe remnants will be removed quickly and safely.

CIPP Slip-Lining with Industrial CIPP

Industrial CIPP has been in the business of providing high-quality CIPP slip-lining repair work for local commercial properties. Since much of the work is done in a simpler manner and with special tools, pipe jobs have become a safer and less costly process. Innovations like ultraviolet curing technology make us a leader in the field. Our pipe specialists can apply slip-liners to your piping system. For any pipe repairs, all you need to do is contact us.