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4 Questions to Ask Your Industrial Slip Lining Specialists

Slip lining is a type of no-dig pipe repair that is less stressful, less costly, and less time-consuming. It’s designed to improve the overall structural strength of your industrial plumbing system. In today’s blog post, we’ll answer the top four questions to ask your slip lining specialist before the work begins.

Industrial Slip Lining Question #1: How Expensive Will It Be?

While every industrial plumbing situation will be different, slip lining is generally cheaper than traditional pipe repairs. This is possible because no-dig really means no-dig. Generally speaking, digging is the most expensive part of the repairs. On average, slip lining pipes can cost between $6,000 and $12,000 from start to finish. On the other side, tradition pipe repairs can cost $13,000 or more–depending on the level of complexity and the amount of digging required to access the pipe system.

Industrial Slip Lining Question #2: How Safe Will It Be?

By undertaking no-dig slip lining repairs, you are avoiding costly damage to your property. Going digless also means a lower chance of injury for the professionals undertaking the work. The workers completing the repairs can work quickly and without added risks. Additionally, there is no risk of a customer becoming injured from falling into a hole.

Industrial Slip Lining Question #3: How Much Time Will It Take?

If your business is like most others, lost time is lost money. Many businesses lean towards slip lining repairs because they tend to be faster. While each job is different, this type of repair is intended to be completed in a number of hours. The time spent to complete repairs can be adjusted depending on the level of damage being repaired and the materials being used.

Industrial Slip Lining Question #4: What Happens If Slip Lining Isn’t Right?

While we’ve discussed the positives of industrial slip lining, there’s a chance that it won’t be the right method for your commercial plumbing needs. If that’s the case, an industrial pipe repair professional can design a custom solution to suit your unique scenario.

Now that we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions, our team is ready to connect you with the perfect commercial contractors. Industrial CIPP uses the best information to connect you with the right professionals to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

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