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CIPP: The Eco-Friendly Commercial Pipe Solution

For commercial property owners and managers, pipe rehabilitation and repairs are just part of the deal. On occasion, this situation poses more problems than needed. For example, what about repair solutions that require not-so-friendly environmental damage? After all, pipelines and systems tend to be in hard-to-reach places such as underground or in tight places.

You need to find eco-friendly solutions to fix these problems without costing you an arm and a leg. For instance, the dig itself is a costly process, one that could do more harm than good. Hiring an inadequate service for industrial no-dig pipe repairs is one misstep you don’t want to make. You want quality pipe rehabilitation that’s eco-friendly, low-cost, and beneficial to all involved.

What is CIPP?

Cured-in-place-piping (or CIPP) is the latest innovation in no-dig solutions for industrial repairs. Simply put, CIPP allows repairs and rehabilitation to occur on location without extreme environmental damage.

On top of being eco-friendly, CIPP offers a faster repair solution. If expertly applied, CIPP can also strengthen an entire piping system. In addition, CIPP ensures you won’t have to seek out more repairs for a good long while.

Eco-Friendly & Quick

Leaks or seepage should be avoided when sewer, gas, and chemical pipelines are involved. For commercial properties, a no-dig process can ensure the results are eco-friendly. This helps to cut down on extra work.

Using CIPP, a faulty pipe can be extracted while drawing the replacement pipe into place. CIPP allows the old pipe to be removed quickly and safely without disturbing the system and creating pollution. This is a far cry from the days of lengthy digs and accumulating costs. Industrial CIPP can provide fast services that retain the quality services you expect.

Piping Strength & Longevity

At its most innovative, the CIPP method allows a contractor to reinforce older pipes. This is possible by introducing reliable pipe-liners into the existing pipe system. Industrial CIPP’s technicians can inject resins to bond the old and the new sections together.

As a result, your commercial pipe system will stand against wear and tear. Piping strength alone is reason enough to seek out CIPP services. Such reinforcement helps to avoid future costs and damages to the environment.

No Eco-Damage with Industrial CIPP

Industrial CIPP uses modern methods to fix age-old solutions. Thanks to efficiency, our team can keep your expenses at a minimum while also solving the problem in an eco-friendly and smart way. Our pipeline specialists are careful to approach any problem with the right tools, and CIPP is one of them.

Contact us now if your local commercial property needs a no-dig solution that’s affordable and eco-friendly. At Industrial CIPP, our experience allows us to handle any pipe rehabilitation or repair questions you might have. Also, if you’re a contractor looking to hear more about CIPP, we can serve you as well. Stop by our website or give us a call at 800-468-7668.