May 21, 2020 . industri975stg

Top Industrial No-Dig Solutions for Pipe Repair

Industrial pipe repairs can be particularly complicated. In many situations, commercial plumbing systems pose unique challenges that require great care. Historically, complicated pipe repairs required expensive, time-consuming digs before the real work could begin. Thankfully, industrial no-dig pipe repairs are a popular solution nowadays. In today’s blog, we’ll learn more about these techniques.

Industrial No-Dig Solution: Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a more formal process than it sounds. In this no-dig process, a tool is inserted at the entry point of the existing tube. The tool is connected to a new pipe before the old pipe is burst. This process allows the old pipe to be destroyed while drawing the new pipe into place. This is a no-dig solution because the force of the new pipe allows all pieces of the old pipe to be removed quickly and safely.

Industrial No-Dig Solution: Traditional Cured-in-Place-Piping

Cured-in-place-piping (or CIPP) is the more popular no-dig solution for industrial repairs. CIPP is unique because it does not involve removing the old pipe. In this process, a new liner is slipped inside the existing pipe. Resins are injected to bond the old and the new sections–strengthening the entire piping system in the process. This process is sometimes referred to as traditional CIPP.

Industrial No-Dig Solution: LED CIPP

CIPP is a developing field of pipe repair. Technology has made it quicker and easier to have industrial repairs completed using this method. One such technology involves the use of light-emitting diodes or LEDs. In LED CIPP, much of the repair work is done through robotic machines–making it a safer process for all involved. LED CIPP is also remarkable because the work is completed much faster.

While LED CIPP still requires resins to bond the old and new sections of pipe together, LED lighting is used to cure the pipe–at a rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes. Depending on the size of the pipe, that can cut curing time from days to a matter of hours.

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