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Why Hotel Owners Choose Industrial Slip Lining

Why do hotel owners choose industrial slip lining? The short answer is that it’s just the best choice for commercial pipe repair. We’ll get into some specifics in the next paragraph, but for now, what is industrial slip lining? It’s a pipe repair process that’s also called “CIPP,” or “cured in place pipelining.” Instead of digging and drilling to reach the broken pipe, the slip lining specialist inserts a tube into the pipe from a single access point. When that tube dries, it sticks to the broken pipe, sealing away the cracks and holes. Now, let’s take a deeper look at what makes slip lining the best choice for hotel owners.

Vertical Pipe Solution

Most hotels have at least two floors, and many hotels are high-rise buildings. As a result, most hotel pipes are vertical pipes, and vertical pipes come with challenges. With horizontal underground pipes, a repair specialist can dig to reach them. It doesn’t work that way with vertical pipes. Slip lining provides the perfect solution to this challenge. By avoiding digging altogether, this process lets the repair specialist fix the problem without causing any destruction.

Minimal Noise 

Hotels need to keep noise to a minimum. People expect hotels to be restful places. When hotels can’t deliver the peace and quiet that people want, those hotels don’t earn the best reputation. Noisy hotels mean bad reviews, and bad reviews can mean lost business. This is true even when the noise is absolutely necessary. Most patrons won’t care that you’re repairing pipes. They just know that the repair process is loud. That’s where industrial slip lining comes in. Compared to other pipe repair methods, slip lining is quiet. It won’t disturb your patrons who want to relax or get some work done during the day. You can get the repairs you need without seeing your hotel’s reputation suffer.

Fast Dry Times 

If you have a broken pipe on your hands, there’s a chance you’ll need to close some rooms until the pipe gets fixed. As long as those rooms are closed, they’re not making any money for the hotel. You count on those rooms as part of your livelihood, so you want to open them back up as soon as possible. Thankfully, industrial slip lining can help you get those rooms up and running again fast. Not only is the repair process fast, but the epoxy-coated lining also dries fast. There’s no need to bring business to a halt.

Ready to Learn More? 

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