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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Industrial CIPP

Considering industrial CIPP? If you own or manage an industrial business, then CIPP is the best choice for pipe repair. CIPP is the process of inserting a flexible pipe into an existing pipe. The CIPP pipe seals itself to the existing pipe, blocking out cracks and root intrusions. You may have already known that CIPP is fast, simple, and a great alternative to digging a trench. Below, we’ve listed five more things that you should know about CIPP.

Industrial CIPP Liners Last for Decades 

Industrial companies need permanence. They rely on all kinds of parts and machinery to keep things running smoothly. When industrial sites need pipe repair, they need it quickly, and they need a long-lasting solution. Industrial CIPP has the answer. CIPP pipelines can last for over fifty years. Once your pipeline has been installed and cured, it will serve you well for many years to come.

It’s a Cost-Effective Choice 

Some industry managers choose regular pipe repair to save money. It’s true that industrial CIPP does cost more money upfront than ordinary pipe repair methods. However, for long-term cost-effectiveness, you can’t beat CIPP. CIPP is faster, so you pay for fewer hours of labor. Plus, you won’t have to pay re-landscaping or repaving costs because CIPP uses little to no digging.

The Technology Has Evolved 

CIPP has been around for a few decades now, and recent technology has made it even better. Over the years, CIPP tubes have become stronger and thinner. Pipes that would have been too small for CIPP in the past can now benefit from this technology. New drying techniques have emerged, too. For example, LED lights speed up the drying process.

You Can Use CIPP for Prevention 

A lot of people think of industrial CIPP as a way to fix pipes. In all fairness, these people are correct. However, CIPP goes further than that. CIPP can also be used as a preventative measure to protect your pipes from root intrusions and cracks. You don’t have to wait until a pipe problem arises. You can use CIPP now and keep problems from derailing your schedule.

CIPP is the Safest Choice 

CIPP is the safest choice for industrial pipe repair. Its simplicity minimizes on-the-job risks. It has less of an environmental impact than traditional pipe repair, and it protects the surface level from disruption.

Need Industrial CIPP? 

If you need industrial CIPP, then we’re your go-to source. Contact our CIPP team to get started and see the difference that CIPP can make for your industrial site.