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The Most Common Questions About Industrial CIPP

If you’re in the market for commercial pipe repair or replacement, CIPP might be the right solution. Unsure? Let’s take a look at a few of the most commonly asked questions about this new repair technique.

What is CIPP?

Cured-in-Place-Piping (or CIPP) is the modern way to repair old pipes. Industrial CIPP is a little different. It’s a permanent way to correct aging, corroded, or damaged pipes in a commercial setting. It can be undertaken on a variety of pipes, drains, and other systems that keep your business running.

Is CIPP Expensive?

While every piping situation is unique, one of the main benefits of CIPP is how much cheaper it is than traditional pipe repair. Since CIPP work can be completed inside the existing pipe, there is no reason to dig. Digging is often the costliest part of the repair process. This new process is quicker and cheaper because accessing the pipe takes less time. It also means little to no downtime for your business. No downtime means no lost revenue from your customers and no lost productivity for your employees.

Is It Safer?

Just as we discussed above, CIPP is not destructive to your land. The same is true about the repair process. Being digless allows your repair team to get to work quickly and without guesswork. Because they are focused on visible pipes, there is a lower risk of injury to the workers and less chance of damage to your existing pipes. Additionally, the repairs are completed using custom-designed epoxy. The work is then steam-cured to ensure a permanent fix.

What If My Pipes Are in Weird Places?

Just like people are unique, every plumbing scenario requires its own solution. Commercial piping is no different. Some buildings are new and outfitted with solid plumbing. Others are older and have a variety of types of pipe pieced together. Finding the right commercial piping contractor is an important first step in getting your plumbing updated. CIPP work has been lab-tested for strength–it lasts for up to 50 years.

How Can We Get Started with CIPP?

Now that you’ve had some commonly asked questions answered, the team at Industrial CIPP is ready to connect you with the right contractor. We are leaders in the area, and we want you partnered with the best possible solution. When you’re ready to repair your pipes, contact us here or call 800-468-7668. We’re happy to get you paired with the right expert for a quote today!