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How to Find Pipe Repair for Your Business

Burst or clogged pipes are a real pain. They can trigger leaks that cause water damage or block up sewer lines that spread waste and odors. Whether pipe damage happens during the day or the middle of the night, it’s an emergency no matter what. Quick repair is especially crucial for a business. Damaged pipes can shut down a building or store, costing owners thousands of dollars. Employees can’t come into the office, and customers can’t purchase goods. Finding a pipe repair company that can respond rapidly is the best way to get back up and running. Follow these tips on how to find the best business pipe repair possible.

Cast a Wide Net

You’ll have more time for your search if you’re looking for a business pipe repair service as part of a business continuity plan. It’s a great thought, but far from reality. Most businesses scramble frantically for pipe repair only after something’s already happened. It can be difficult to find a company that can come quickly and do a good job. Owners should cast a wide net when searching so they can have as many options as possible. Looking online has replaced older methods of print ads and the yellow pages. A quick search should return several local vendors with their contact information. It’s always smart to reach out to at least a few and compare.

Ask Questions Before Committing

Don’t just hire the first company that picks up the phone. Capable business pipe repair companies will be able to give enough advice on the phone that you’ll be able to tell they know what they’re talking about. Ask them about their timeline, and what they typically charge. No one running a business wants to be surprised by huge invoices after the fact. Also be sure to ask for referrals.

Business Pipe Repair Tech

It’s important to know what impact pipe repair will have on your store or office complex. You need to know if the commercial pipe repair service will come in and rip up all the roads surrounding the building. Ask them about what technology they use for pipe repair and how much disruption can be expected. If you hear words like cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), or video scope inspections, you’ll have a good idea that they know what they’re doing. Keep in mind that if your business has larger pipes, specialized equipment will be needed because most cameras are built to inspect small diameter pipes.

Industrial CIPP is one of Texas’ premier business pipe repair services. We help clients with regular maintenance and respond to emergencies. Contact us if you’re considering CIPP for industrial or business pipes, and we’ll see how we can help.