February 27, 2019 . industrialcipp_admin

Why CIPP Is the Best Repair Choice

We all know that repairs can be costly, whether it involves roofing repair, window repair, or CIPP for industrial pipes. Of course, costs often depend on whether you are working in a residential or commercial capacity. No matter what the case is, when it comes to pipes, cured-in-place pipes (CIPP) are often the best way to go. Here are some of the ways in which CIPP might be the best possible option for your repairs.

Less Labor

Thanks to technology, we are all looking for the most efficient ways to do things, no matter what sector or industry you are in. One great aspect of CIPP is that a pipe is actually created within the existing pipe, which means that no digging or trenching is necessary. Since digging requires labor, and labor means more time and energy, it is easy to see how industrial CIPP is a great option in terms of productivity and profit.

Environmentally Friendly

There are many who believe that one of the most important global issues currently is the way that human beings are affecting the environment. It’s a great look for your business to be able to advertise that you have environmentally-friendly ways of repairing pipes, and customers are receptive to that. No matter what your reasons, the fact that CIPP requires no excavation and no waste disposal is great for the environment. Even if it isn’t one of your major priorities, the fact that you can repair pipes with minimal impact to the environment on always a plus.

Property Damage

Pipe repair can cause problems for building owners. Digging and trenching increase the likelihood of damage to buildings and landscaping. This is obviously not ideal for any kind of commercial property, as the brand and reputation will suffer as a result. However, if you are able to implement CIPP for industrial pipes, you can minimize property damage.


We all want to think about repair in the long-term. If you repair something on your commercial property only to find out that it needs more attention in six months, it means wasted time and money. One of the great things about CIPP is that the repaired pipe will not need maintenance again for decades. This means that you might potentially never have to worry about those pipes again.

No one wants to deal with aging infrastructure, but thanks to technology, we can use CIPP to make sure that pipes work the way that they are supposed to. CIPP is a cost-effective, durable, and non-intrusive pipe repair method. Visit Industrial CIPP today to learn more today!