January 17, 2018 . industri975stg

Common Problems When Fixing an Industrial Pipe

Industrial pipelines are often very complex. Not only are they typically large in size, they are also responsible for carrying a variety of vital materials. Due to their complexity, it’s not uncommon to run across a few problems when working on an industrial pipeline. Here are some common problems when fixing an industrial pipe. 

Shutting Down Pipelines

One of the biggest problems when fixing an industrial pipe is having to shut it down. With traditional pipe repair methods, industrial pipelines are required to shut down completely in order to even begin repairs. This can leave you without the use of vital pipes and disrupt the day-to-day flow of things. With industrial CIPP, there is no need to shut down pipelines for days at a time. The new line is inserted into the existing one and is in full working order within a few short hours. Even the largest repairs can be completed in under a day with industrial CIPP. 

Dealing with Dangerous Pipelines

Industrial pipelines sometimes are responsible for carrying hazardous material. This can make traditional digging methods even more of a problem. Digging into the ground to expose an industrial pipe can be an extremely dangerous task. Forgetting to turn off the pipeline or knocking the wrong one can turn a pipe repair job into a bigger issue. Industrial CIPP eliminates the need to dig completely. This means not having to worry about hitting the wrong line and keeps everyone safe during repairs. 


In order to repair a pipeline, you have to be able to access it. Being unable to access industrial pipelines is not only a problem; it can bring everything to a standstill. Sometimes traditional digging methods are unable to reach the pipelines in need of repair due to certain infrastructures or other important pipelines being in the way. Industrial CIPP helps to eliminate this problem by using a pre-existing access point. CIPP doesn’t require the whole pipeline to be exposed for repair, which means that virtually no pipeline is unreachable.

Industrial pipelines are responsible for carrying a variety of liquids safely. That’s why it’s important to keep up with proper pipeline maintenance in order to ensure that your industrial pipes continue to run smoothly and efficiently. When it comes to industrial pipeline repair, CIPP eliminates a majority of the common ailments including shutting down pipelines, keeping workers safe, and maintaining accessibility. Check into CIPP next time you need pipeline repair.