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Why Cross Bore Inspections Are Important?

A cross bore is when a utility line is accidentally installed through a sewer line. These networks of interlacing and intersecting pipelines run underneath your day-to-day life. As long as these utility lines are left undamaged, there are no safety risks. However, one nicked or clogged line can end up causing some serious problems. Here are some reasons why cross bore inspections are important.


Keep People Safe


Damaging utility lines, such as a natural gas line, can cause fires and even explosions if left broken. When natural gas intersects with any pipeline underground it poses as a risk. One small leak can end up destroying homes, businesses, and industrial sites. Cross bore inspections have become increasingly important in order to prevent these unnecessary disasters. Cross bore inspections can help ensure that there are no utility lines crossing. This way there are no risks of explosions or poisonous water when two pipelines collide.  


Increase Pipeline Efficiency


Not only can cross bores be dangerous, but they can also affect the efficiency of the pipeline. Cross bores can substantially increase the number of clogs and backups. This is because the cross bore provides an easy place for debris to get stuck and clog up your whole pipeline. By ensuring that there are no cross bores, you can help lessen the number of clogs you have to experience.


Helps to Eliminate Cross Bores


Trenchless pipeline repair methods are a popular way to install and repair pipelines because they cause little disturbance at a reduced cost. However, trenchless repair methods often do not inspect for other utility lines that they may run into. Proper procedures have to be taken prior to trenchless pipeline installation due to the risk of causing a cross bore. A cross bore can also cause problems when it comes to pipeline cleanings. Trying to clean a pipeline that has an unknown cross bore can lead to some major problems or even an explosion depending on the utility lines involved. Having a cross bore inspection performed can help to eliminate and prevent cross bores from your pipes.


With the increase in underground pipeline installation, it is no surprise that there are so many cross bores being found. Cross bores were not known as an issue until recent years. However, that has not stopped them from causing major clogs, fires, and even explosions. Cross bore inspections are important on a number of levels. Not only is it important to ensure that your pipelines don’t have any existing cross bore but it is also important to prevent future ones. Before you have your pipelines worked on, make sure to have a cross bore inspection done.