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What is Industrial Slip Lining

If you have an existing culver or utility that is damaged, you want the most cost-effective solution. Industrial slip lining is one of the most cost-effective solutions.

Industrial slip lining is one of the oldest methods for trenchless rehabilitation on existing pipelines, having been used since the 1940s. Slip lining can be used to repair leaks, restore structural stability, and stop infiltration. It is used most often for rehabilitating deteriorated large-diameter piping systems. 

The Process

Industrial slip lining is a trenchless process and is completed by installing a smaller new pipe into a larger defected host pipe, grouting the annular space between the two pipes, and sealing the ends.

The Installation Methods

When installing an industrial slip line, there are two different methods used: continuous and segmental.

The continuous installation uses a long continuous pipe that is connected to a continuous piece of any length prior to installation. The continuous pipe is inserted into the insertion pit and pulled through the existing pipe all the way to the end of the existing pipe. The different types of pipes that can be used in this installation are HDPE, Fusible PVC, or Welded Steel Pipe.

Segmental installation is similar to the continuous method. The biggest difference between the two installations types are the pipe material used. In the segmental case spigot and bell pipe such as FRP, PVC, HDPE or Spirally, are used. When using this installation, the materials are lowered into the existing pipe and the pushed together and pushed along the existing pipe. This type of installation is the least disruptive type of rehabilitation of a pipe.

The Requirements

Industrial slip lining does have some requirements. Here are some of the requirements when it comes to industrial slip lining:

●     Can be used with pipes that have structural problems

●     Requires ground surface access to lower the discrete pipe section

●     Requires a large access pit

●     Normal flow is not eliminated

The Advantages

Industrial slip lining is a very cost-effective way to repair, restore, or strengthen your pipeline. Here are just a few other advantages of industrial slip lining.

●     Improves flow: Industrial slip lining actually improves the interior surface and reduces friction. This in turn improves the flow of the pipeline.

●     Live lines: Depending on the flow, the installation of the new pipe can actually be done in live lines without bypass pumping.

●     Long runs: The most success has been found when there is a long run with few connections.

●     Type of sewer pipe: Industrial slip lining can be applied to most types of sewer pipes.

●     Little disturbance: The process is rapid, which causes little disturbance to other buried utilities.

Rehabilitating a damaged or deteriorating pipe is no easy task. You want to make sure that it is done right and in the most cost-effective way. Industrial slip lining covers both of these requirements. It is a process that has a proven track record of actually working and improving the pipeline. The next time you want to restore or repair your industrial pipeline, contact Industrial CIPP at 847-249-0028.