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Three Benefits of Using No-Dig Repair Methods

No-dig repair has changed pipe repair methods. It was designed for contractors to operate on commercial properties, and this approach quickly became popular. Known as cured-in-place-pipe repair (CIPP), contractors can deal with complicated pipe issues in fresh, innovative ways. Devastating breaks or leakage affects interiors, exteriors, and foot traffic on the grounds. In fact, unresolved issues often deteriorate into a worse situation.

Using no-dig repair leads to a job well done. As a commercial property overseer or owner, you will benefit from Industrial CIPP’s approach. Many of these benefits are direct answers to repair concerns, including a stronger final product, fewer expenses, and a lower-risk procedure. With CIPP, you have access to the best available repair and maintenance for commercial pipelines.

Post-Job Reinforcement

Cured-in-place-pipe work is about crafting reinforcement. Thanks to the use of pipe-liners, the entire system benefits from these installations. Basically, contractors slip liners inside the existing pipe, which eliminates any need for extraction. To cement the liner, they inject resins into the pipe. This creates a bond between the original and the new sections.

As a result, the entire piping system is stronger, not just the intended section. Industrial CIPP is perfect for jobs of any size, offering reinforcement as a key component. We deploy this technique on a daily basis, always with proven results. Our team uses the kind of maintenance that keeps your pipes strong after the job.

No-Dig Repair Means Fewer Expenses 

This type of work is nicknamed “no-dig repair” because the majority of the work is done via insertion. We use non-invasive entry points to cut back on expenses. For example, contractors can move a replacement pipe into place without uncovering large sections of the system. Ideally, old pipe fragments can be removed without much hassle. The finesse of CIPP stops accidental damage from occurring, which ultimately saves you money.

No-dig pipe repair leaves virtually no mess behind. At Industrial CIPP, we use state-of-the-art tools. This means no unnecessary digging or damage to the overall system. Keep in mind that our contractors know what to expect with commercial pipe problems, thanks to over a decade of experience. Completion is the goal, as is handing you an affordable bill at the end of the job.

Low-Risk Proceedings with No-Dig Repair

For any industry, “low-risk” ideally makes the list of most-wanted attributes. Unfortunately, pipe repair lends itself to dangerous scenarios due to pipe contents. Even worse, damaged pipes put people at risk when they are ignored or left alone.

For example, there’s a chance of poisoning your environment. Pollution is no joke, nor is contractor injury. Often, hard-to-reach pipes require physicality. This puts people at risk if a tunnel collapses or if there is chemical exposure.

No-dig repairs eliminate many of these risks. The job can be done without exposure to injury or chemicals. Using CIPP, a contractor can extract unwanted debris while inserting a replacement part. Any broken pipe fragments are easily removed without harming adjoining pipes. Low-risk repairs benefit everyone involved. At Industrial CIPP, we prefer safe and thorough approaches.

Industrial CIPP for Your Benefit

For your benefit, Industrial CIPP makes pipework longer-lasting, affordable, and less of a risk. Your commercial properties need sturdy pipelines to accommodate foot traffic and business needs. Our pipe repair and maintenance services include video inspections, vertical pipeline rehab, and large diameter pipe repairs. CIPP is versatile and perfect for any scenario. Contact us today to benefit from no-dig pipe repairs.