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Common Pipe Problems that Industrial CIPP Can Solve Quickly

Industrial CIPP keeps pipe repairs at a low cost, without time-consuming digs based on older methods. Since pipe breakdowns are common, it makes sense that you would want to be aware of what to look out for. 

Common pipe problems include busted sections, clogs, and damage from nearby plant life. Industrial CIPP repair and maintenance is a solution to all three.

How Does CIPP Repair Work?

The process itself has to do with bonding. To start, a tool is inserted at an entry point, which lets the contractor remove or destroy the old pipe while also drawing a new pipe into place. This is a no-dig solution that allows fragments of the old pipe to be removed quickly without damaging the surrounding area. 

To complete the bonding process, resins are injected into each affected area of the pipeline system. Not only does this bond the old sections with the new, but the act also strengthens the entire system. 

In some cases, LED lighting is used to cure the pipe at an impressive rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes. Depending on the size of the pipe, that can cut curing time from days to a matter of hours. Industrial CIPP repair is more than just a fix. This is reinforcement – insurance so that the damaged sections will remain strong over time. 

Industrial Pipe Clogs 

Property managers and owners know the ugly truth: rodents are often responsible for pipeline clogs. While there are measures to prevent this from happening, there is always a chance that debris or small creatures will go unnoticed until a leak appears. Once you discover the problem, industrial CIPP repair can clear the blockage. 

When you work with our team, your contractor will be able to apply the most effective touches to keep your pipes clean. Working in place, they can remove the debris and replace any cracked portions. 

Industrial pipe clogs typically only take 24 hours to remove with the advantage of CIPP repair, barring any long-term damage that might have occurred before the problem was known. Even then, the process moves much faster than traditional repair methods.

Damage by Roots and Other Plants

Depending on the layout, a property’s relationship with its surrounding environment can be a battle. Regular landscaping helps to avoid troublesome roots and growths, but this is not a guarantee of safety. Nature does what nature does, which means that roots can destroy pipes and throw a proverbial wrench into your property’s inner workings.

Industrial CIPP repair works well with this situation. Sometimes, a natural invasion can be remedied in place without having to dig extensively. The same measures as debris removal are used here, with any holes created by roots completely patched up and the roots themselves extracted.

Industrial CIPP Repairs for Uncommon Quality 

No matter the scenario – busted sections, clogs, or damage from nearby plant life – these common pipe problems have a solution. Industrial CIPP repair and maintenance is applicable to almost every pipeline system, and the results are always satisfactory. 

If you’re a contractor looking to hear more about CIPP, we want to hear from you as well. To receive a job estimate or to make an inquiry, visit us today or call  866-439-9077. We have uncommon solutions for common pipe problems.