July 17, 2019 . industri975stg

Difference Between Industrial and Residential Pipe Repair

Pipe repair isn’t one-size-fits-all, because every pipe system can be different. Residential homes have vastly different sewage and water requirements than a huge manufacturing plant does. There are different components, different sizes of pipes, and different stakes. The margin for error dealing with industrial cured in place pipe repair is small. Mistakes can mean disruption to industrial site operations and lost revenue. Failed repairs can spell water, gas, or sewage outages. Getting things right in industrial cured in place pipe repair is critical. Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between residential and industrial pipe repair.

Different Site Requirements

On a basic level, the size of the repair site is a huge difference. Every pipe repair company wants to do the best job they can, but on residential repairs, there is usually more room to operate, and customers are understanding of timelines. They also expect repair crews to get in the way and know life will be different for a while as work is going on. Industrial sites, however, are a lot faster-paced. The sites are larger, equipment is more expensive, and managers and owners have less patience. Lengthy repairs or mistakes can mean employees can’t get where they need to be. Operations may have to be suspended, which can spell losses.

Different Pipe Systems

Essentially, residential and industrial pipes have different pipe system builds. They need to handle vastly different volumes, so industrial pipes are larger and more complex. Industrial cured in place repair companies have specialized tools to handle industrial repairs. These tools wouldn’t be appropriate for use on homes. In addition, smaller, more basic tools for residential pipe systems wouldn’t work on industrial sites. Professional pipe repair companies have the resources to invest in both pipe system tools to help out residential and industrial clients.

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