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What is CIPP and How Can It Help Your Business?

CIPP refers to cured-in-place-piping. It’s a process where pipes are repaired or replaced without extensive excavation. It’s also a much more cost-effective solution than total pipe repair. We’ve all seen the disruption that traditional pipe repairs cause. Companies frequently have to tear up large sections of concrete or floors to get to the problem. There are certain scenarios in which pipe replacement is necessary, but more companies are turning to CIPP as a solution. With CIPP, no massive digging is necessary, and pipes don’t need to be fully replaced. Here’s a breakdown of what CIPP is and how it can help your business.

The Industrial CIPP Process

On a very basic level, CIPP allows for the repair of pipes with the use of epoxy. A tube with epoxy is inserted into an existing pipe that may be cracked or leaking. Then the tube inflates, pushing the epoxy out along the inner lining of the pipe. It hardens, leaving a pipe within a pipe. The new pipe solves the leak or break issues without having to dig up and replace damaged pipes. The faster solution enables companies to minimize disruption from leaks or pipe repairs. It helps avoid the added costs of traditional pipe repair caused by closures.

The Benefits of CIPP to Businesses

With CIPP, doors can stay open, employees can keep coming to work, and customers can still access stores. There’s nothing more painful to business owners than lost revenue – especially when it comes as a result of a faulty building as opposed to upgrade renovations. CIPP is an affordable solution with minimal disruption that keeps businesses in operation. Lower costs also help businesses stay profitable. Large pipe replacement projects can be a killer blow to companies depending on monthly cash flow to meet their obligations.

Industrial CIPP has made its name in Texas by providing quality CIPP and other forms of pipe repair to businesses across the state. We know how much industrial site owners rely on the ability to stay open and keep their employees productive. We’ve partnered with businesses to plan on keeping their pipe systems in good working order to keep things moving. If you run or own an industrial site and have questions about pipe repair, consider CIPP as an option. Contact our team today to speak to someone about how our CIPP solutions can provide relief for pipe damage or maintenance concerns.