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How Cross Bore Inspections Can Save You Money

For years sewer lines have been added or replaced through trenchless technology. While installing new sewer lines through trenchless technology has seen great success in not disrupting the land around it, there is no visual observation. In some cases, what is called a cross bore occurs when installing new sewer lines. A cross bore occurs when a sewer line intersects with either a gas line, communication and electrical installation. Many cross bores go undetected for years. However, issues can arise and cost millions of dollars.  One way to save money is to have a cross bore inspection done.

Eliminates Chance of Explosions

Some type of cross bores is not as dangerous as others. If a sewer and a water line cross, the worse that can happen is just a leaky line that may fill your property with water. However, in some instances like a cable line and sewer line crossing, the end result can be explosive. The sewage line can actually corrode the casing on the electrical cable.  Once this happens, all it takes is one spark mixed with the trapped gases released by the sewer line to cause an explosion.

Another way an explosion can occur is when you have a plumbing back-up. When a back-up happens, you usually call a plumber to come out and unclog your sewer line. When the plumber is unclogging your sewer line, they may hit the other line the intersects with the sewer line. This hit may cause a puncture to the other line, which in turn could cause an explosion.

When you have a cross bore inspection done, it reduces the risk of an explosion happening. Since a cross bore inspection gives you a clear picture of the lines under your property, you are able to know if a back-up or electrical cable will cause an explosion.

How a Cross Bore Inspection Works

The first step in a cross bore inspection is to look at a chart of the lines below your property. Cross bore inspections use special equipment to ensure a clear picture of the lines below your property. Most inspectors use a flexible and controllable robot with a powerful camera. In order to ensure a clear picture, the camera has to be powerful enough to see large pipes as well as narrow spaces. Likewise, most cross bore inspectors have adopted the use of a laterally launching robot. This type of equipment gives inspectors the best feedback. You should always have a cross bore inspection performed after construction or renovations.

Have a Cross Bore Inspection Done

While you may think you are not at risk of a cross bore because they are rare, you can never be too safe. A cross bore can occur at any place. Moreover, they continue to grow more common as trenchless technology grows in popularity. Don’t wait for an explosion to happen to you. Save money and stress by having a cross bore inspection done. Call the experts at Industrial CIPP to have your inspection done today. We use the best equipment to ensure the best results. Call us today at 847-249-0028.