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Why CIPP is Needed for Industrial Pipes

There are many different options when it comes to repairing industrial pipes. However, you want to pick the repair method that saves you money and is the least amount of hassle. If money and hassle are your two requirements for selecting the correct industrial pipe repair, then a trenchless solution is best. There are two different types of trenchless repair, cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) and pipe bursting. While pipe bursting is a viable repair method, CIPP for industrial pipes is best. Here are the top reasons why CIPP is needed for industrial pipes.


CIPP for industrial pipes saves you money in both the short and long-term. The first way in which CIPP does this is through reduced labor costs. CIPP uses a streamlined process, which requires less labor. Because CIPP repairs the pipe in-place, it can target the specific areas that need repairs, reducing labor and material costs. In addition to the streamlined process, CIPP is a trenchless technology. This means that it doesn’t require labor for digging, which saves on expenses. CIPP also eliminates additional costs for land repair. Since there is no digging, you will not have to worry about paying to have your land repaired. CIPP for industrial pipes saves you money through labor and additional land repair costs.


CIPP for industrial pipes is the safest type of pipe repair. Since there is no large-scale pipe digging, the workers are kept safe. In addition, since all work is done underground, CIPP keeps workers and others in the area safe from asbestos, mold, and other harmful natural elements. CIPP also allows you to protect the surrounding structures and eliminate damage done to floors, sidewalks, and interior walls.

Repair Any Pipe Damage

The leading causes of industrial pipe damage include age deterioration, root or plant intrusion, cracking and fracturing, corrosion, and damage from faulty installation. Traditional pipe repair has limitations in its flexibility in repairing different types of damage and different types of pipes. However, CIPP is not limited by pipe type, damage type, or obstacles like multiple bends or angles in pipes. This means that no matter what type of repair project you’re facing, you can be confident that CIPP will be an effective solution.

More Durable

CIPP for industrial pipes leaves your pipes more durable than before. CIPP uses a resin-like material that is more durable than steel and won’t rust. In addition, the use of this resin solution means that there are no joints or connector parts in the new pipe, making the repair more structurally sound. The durability of CIPP means you won’t have to worry about replacing your pipes for decades.

Use CIPP for Industrial Pipes

When it comes to CIPP for industrial pipes, the advantages are endless. CIPP allows you to repair any pipe for less than a traditional pipe repair. To ensure a permanent solution to your pipe issues, contact Industrial CIPP today. We offer the fastest, most efficient, and cheapest CIPP pipe repair. Call us today at 847-249-0028 to get your pipes back up and running.