October 27, 2017 . industri975stg

Stop Digging: Benefits of Trenchless Industrial Pipe Repair

Industrial pipes play a key role in everyday living. This network of underground pipes provides essential services such as providing water, removing waste, and so much more. The importance of industrial pipes go unnoticed until something goes wrong. When damage and clogs occur to industrial pipelines, there is no need to cause more damage by digging. CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) repair offers a trenchless, no-dig alternative to traditional pipe repair methods. Here are some benefits that CIPP for industrial pipe repair offers.

Replacing and Repairing Underground Pipes

Underground pipes are not only difficult to access, but they are often placed in areas with roads and buildings. This means that traditional pipe repair methods that require digging leave roads and buildings turned into a construction site until the damage is repaired. CIPP uses a different form of repair so that digging up roads, parks, and buildings just to get to pipelines is unnecessary. Choosing CIPP for industrial pipes means that everything is left in place while the pipes are being rehabilitated.



Unlike traditional pipe repair methods, CIPP is a no-dig repair technique. With no reason to dig, there are far less laborers needed to repair damaged pipes. Having less laborers means there are less laborers to pay to repair industrial pipes. Along with having less laborers, CIPP is also a quick process. With less time needed for repair, laborers are only paid for a few hours of work rather than a few days. Even full pipe, sewer, and drain replacements can be completed within a few short hours. CIPP is cost-efficient because it saves times and money on labor.


Preserves Buildings and Landscaping


One major downfall of traditional digging industrial pipe repair methods is that it often causes damage to buildings and landscaping. Industrial pipelines can be found within walls and underground. This means that whatever building, landscaping, monument, or anything else that may be covering it up will be in the way when it is time to repair. With CIPP, there is no need to disrupt buildings or landscaping to gain access to industrial pipes. Trenchless technology uses only a small hole or a manhole to access the damaged pipe. This eliminates the need to dig and provides a more efficient solution to damaged pipelines.

CIPP is the way to go when it comes to repairing industrial pipes. CIPP for industrial pipes provide a lot of benefits including repairing underground pipes, being cost-efficient, preserving buildings, and landscaping. With trenchless pipe repair, industrial pipelines can be back up and running in no time. Choose no-dig industrial pipe repair methods when precious pipelines need fixing.