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How You can Benefit from Industrial Slip Lining

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Slip lining is one of the original methods of trenchless pipeline repair. This process of repair began in the early 1940’s as a rehabilitation method for existing pipelines. Like other trenchless pipe repair methods, slip lining solves several pipeline problems such as leaks and structural damages. Slip lining is particularly beneficial for industrial pipelines. Industrial pipelines are often large and hard to repair. Traditional industrial pipe repair methods cause mass construction and delays. There are many benefits to industrial slip lining, let’s take a look at them here.

Saves You Time and Money

 Industrial slip lining provides a time saving, cost saving, and targeted method of pipeline repair. Slip lining is a quick process, performed by installing a carrier pipe inside of a host pipe. Next, technicians insert grout into the space between the two pipes. The pipes at the upstream and downstream ends are then sealed. The result is a new, reinforced pipe within the existing pipeline.

Protects Your Landscape

Traditional pipeline repair methods involve digging into the ground or wall to expose the physical pipeline and repair the damage. As a result, machines dig up landscaping and tear into building walls to fix damaged pipelines. Thankfully, slip lining helps to eliminate the need for excavation. Instead, the damaged pipeline is accessed and repaired without all the destruction. It ensures that your landscape is protected from damage.

Solution to Sewer Repair

Sewage pipelines are not only hard to access but are hard to repair. It’s essential for sewer pipelines to run efficiently. These pipelines carry massive amounts of waste through them. This means that there is no room for leaks or structural damage. Slip lining is a quick, and efficient way to repair sewer pipelines without any mess or delays.

Industrial slip lining has become a favorite alternative to traditional pipeline repair methods. Industrial slip lining is beneficial because it saves you time, money, protects your landscaping, and provides a solution to sewer repair. With industrial slip lining, pipe repair lasts longer and is more efficient.