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How Much Time Can CIPP Save?


Working through pipeline repairs or maintenance can be a challenge. Every moment of downtime matters. When you use traditional methods that require digging or excavation, time adds up quickly. Disruptions for repairs can take days upon days, and time is money. While CIPP does require some downtime, technology has greatly improved the process. In comparison, you will be up and running much faster when you trust cured in place pipe repairs.

Trenchless Technology to Minimize Disruption

While a pipeline repair may not take extremely long, digging and trenching do take a long time. This means hours of labor digging with heavy machinery. There is likely some manual digging as well. What about pipeline placement? If the pipeline isn’t in an open area, then accessing it may require tearing up concrete, roads, or even more challenging options.

When you skip digging, you can get right to work with a reliable and effective repair. CIPP can be inserted through a utility hole or an access point. This means little digging – if any – is required.

Reduce Time with Quick Installation

Inserting and applying cured in place pipe only takes a few hours to do, if that. The team will start with a video inspection so they know the state of the pipes. This helps them plan the repairs and insert the liner appropriately. Once they’ve prepped, the repair material can instantly be inserted and placed.

The only waiting time here will be the curing time. Curing can take several hours or even a couple of days for larger projects. However, with UV technology, curing can often be completed within a few hours.

It is the technology that has greatly improved curing times that really makes a difference here. There was a time CIPP curing could still take days. However, even with extended curing time, it’s often still faster than trenching repairs.

Streamlined Project Completion with CIPP

With cured in place pipe, you can experience a more streamlined approach to repairs. Since there is no need for excavation or trenching, the professional teams can get right to work with preparing and restoring the pipeline in question. It’s a simple process that allows a far easier approach to planning and ensuring the downtime isn’t going to massively hurt your bottom line.

Keep business on schedule thanks to a streamlined approach.

Reducing Labor Time and Costs

When excavation is required, you pay for heavy machinery, the manpower to operate the machinery, and the hours of digging or trenching to access the pipeline. That isn’t how cured in place pipe works. It needs none of that. You save labor significantly, which certainly adds up with traditional repairs.

While these materials are considered more expensive, you still come out ahead. When you look at the big picture of labor and equipment, your costs reduce dramatically.

Save Time with Industrial CIPP Solutions

If you want a quick and reliable pipe repair solution, CIPP is the answer to your industrial needs. It’s quick, effective, and requires minimal disruption from start to finish. Any type of business industry can benefit from saving time and money, right?

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