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How Does CIPP Work for Industrial Pipes?

industrial CIPP

So many people think industrial pipelines require unique care when it comes to maintenance and repair. While this is true in some ways, industrial CIPP technology simplifies it all. Industrial pipes are often large, hard to get to, or used for specialized purposes. Whether it’s a food and beverage industry, a gas pipeline, or something entirely different, CIPP is an option.

How does CIPP work in these cases? Check out this guide to learn more.

The Basics of Industrial CIPP

CIPP stands for cured-in-place pipe. The concept is a simple one, which is why it may be overlooked for industrial use. But it can work for industrial needs just like any other type of need. In fact, it’s more suitable for industrial needs than almost any other repair solution.

The idea behind CIPP is that you don’t have to dig. CIPP can be used for any pipe material and almost any use. The use of the pipe, the size of the pipe, the direction of the pipe – these are primarily irrelevant.

Dealing with vertical pipes instead of horizontal ones? Not a problem. Have a large 50-inch diameter pipeline? CIPP has got this. But we digress!

CIPP starts out as a thin tube. The tube is coated all over with a resin. That resin is what will stick to the surrounding pipe. The tube gets inserted, placed against the pipe, and left to harden. The results are a brand-new pipe that can last 50 years or more.

How Industrial CIPP Works

How does it work? In an industrial setting, you will likely access the pipes through a utility hole or large access point. Any access point in a suitable location will do. Here is how our process typically works:

  1. Start with a video inspection of the pipe
  2. Flush and prepare the pipe as needed
  3. Insert the CIPP tube and adhere it to the pipe
  4. Allow the liner to cure and harden
  5. Complete a final video inspection

It really is that simple. The best part is that we don’t have to dig to repair industrial pipes that are underground. Those access points work for any industrial pipeline. Curing time is typically what takes the longest. This can be sped up with the use of UV technology that enhances the curing speed and gets it done faster.

CIPP Passes the Test

When you need a reliable solution that is easy to accomplish, CIPP is the answer. It has very few limitations, and it is so much easier than digging or trenching. Being able to avoid unnecessary digging is one of the biggest advantages of this method. Your pipes will be repaired quickly, and they will last for many decades to come.

Count on the Experts to Do It Right

When you need industrial pipe repair, we can help. Industrial CIPP solutions are designed to provide you with long-lasting results using modern technology. Skip the digging and choose an option that works. Contact us today to discuss your industrial pipeline needs. We have extensive experience in the industry and can help you plan your project.