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CIPP for Industrial Pipes: An Investment in Longevity

CIPP for industrial pipes

At the heart of all industrial infrastructure lie pipeline systems that provide for day-to-day operations. Maintaining and supporting these systems is essential to continuing those effective operations as they are intended. Without reliable systems, the industrial settings can have significant negative impacts. CIPP for industrial pipes provides a reliable, long-lasting solution for these systems.

While traditional pipeline repair and rehabilitation methods use excavation and trenching, CIPP skips all of that. It uses innovation to create sustainable and reliable results. Read on as we explore the benefits of CIPP for industrial facility use.

About CIPP for Industrial Pipes

CIPP is also known as cured-in-place pipe. This technology is an innovative solution that embraces trenchless rehabilitation and repair to pipelines of all kinds. The method uses a seamless liner with no joints and places it into the existing pipeline. When that liner is inflated and cured, it effectively creates a brand-new pipe within the old one. It does so without impeding the capabilities and flow rates of the pipeline.

The process looks like this:

  1. Inspection of the pipeline with video camera technology
  2. Any necessary preparation, such as flushing the pipeline
  3. Inserting the CIPP materials and placing them where needed
  4. Allowing time for the resin to cure
  5. Final inspection to ensure effective repair

The curing process can be done in different ways. Professionals will use steam, hot water, or UV technology to complete curing. When the curing is complete and a final inspection confirms repair, the pipeline can immediately be put back into use.

Understanding the Benefits

There are multiple benefits to experience with CIPP for industrial pipes. Let’s break them down in more detail.

Minimize Downtime

Traditional repair can put a business down for days or weeks. These methods use digging and excavation that lead to hours and extensive labor. The disruption causes extensive downtime and harms the ground in the immediate area. CIPP reduces downtime and may only require a few hours to complete. There is no digging, and total disruption is reduced across the board.

Enhance Structural Integrity

You rejuvenate and reuse the existing pipeline. The pipeline that may be weak or deteriorating suddenly becomes brand-new. The approach is a strong, durable liner that has no joints or seams. It seals, protects, and rehabilitates what is already there. This leads to better structural integrity. It also provides durability and longevity to the pipeline.

Versatile for Multiple Needs

CIPP applies to nearly any type of material and any pipeline use. Chemicals will not negatively impact the liner and are less likely to cause corrosion with CIPP in place. Pipeline use and harsh substances that often accelerate deterioration will be less likely to compromise the pipeline.


When you compare the cost of digging and excavation to CIPP, there is a vast difference. CIPP is more cost-effective in many ways.

  • Excavation
  • Downtime
  • Longevity
  • Labor
  • Pipe replacement
  • Repairs to excavations

Skip all the extra things that add significant costs. This translates to a decrease in costs. Pair that with long-lasting results and you have a win. The lifespan of the rehabilitation will greatly improve, providing reliable solutions for decades to come.

Provisional Sustainability

With traditional repairs, old materials go to waste. With CIPP, we bring this down considerably. Rehabilitating existing materials helps minimize waste.

No excavation and fewer disruptions offer their own sustainability to your projects.

Choose CIPP for Industrial Pipes

CIPP is a valuable technology that offers sustainable, reliable, and effective solutions for all types of pipelines. Facilities can experience substantial benefit and achieve long-term savings with this approach.

As you plan for future projects and prioritize protecting the future of the business, consider CIPP. Contact us today and let’s discuss your projects!