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Be Proactive Against Pipe Malfunctions with CIPP

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Industrial CIPP is a no-brainer for industrial and manufacturing companies. These properties sit above vital pipelines that transport water, waste, gas, and chemicals around the site. As a result, industrial property owners must take proactive steps against pipe collapse.

Luckily, industrial CIPP offers a new approach to pipe repair, providing an opportunity for property managers to take preventive measures. It allows them to opt to maintain their pipelines, which is far more convenient than trenching. 

Read on as we explore industrial CIPP, how it works, and why industrial properties choose cured-in-place pipe repair. 

What is Industrial CIPP?

Industrial CIPP simply refers to the application of cured-in-place pipe repair in industrial settings. It is unique because it caters to the delicate nature of industrial pipes, helping to maintain them before they collapse entirely.

Like other forms of CIPP, industrial pipe repair experts insert epoxy resin into the damaged line through a small hole. Then they introduce water or air pressure into the line, forcing it to expand and press against the existing pipe’s inner walls.

Next, experts use ultraviolet light or heat to harden the expanded line, forming a new layer within the damaged line. By now, they have created a seamless and jointless pipe to seal out any cracks and holes.

Advantages of CIPP

Here are some benefits of choosing industrial CIPP for your underground pipelines:

  • It is Fast: Industrial properties need fast-paced processes to survive and thrive. So when industrial pipes collapse, all activities come to a halt. And trench repair is simply impractical due to its sheer duration.
  • It is Non-disruptive: CIPP is a seamless alternative to traditional trenching. Unlike trenching, CIPP won’t barricade the property or challenge logistics. This means delivery, pickup, and manufacturing activities are still in full effect.
  • It is Cost-effective: CIPP is the preferred choice for property owners who can’t spend a fortune on equipment, repairs, and replacements. Plus, since CIPP doesn’t require any digging, industrial property owners can skip the astronomical digging costs.

Overall, CIPP is popular because it outdoes trenching without the messiness and costs. So, property owners who explore CIPP enjoy top-notch maintenance and repair.

Industrial pipe repair doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Starting now, you can choose the ease and convenience of industrial CIPP by consulting a pipeline specialist.

At Industrial CIPP, our experts have firsthand experience with residential, commercial, and industrial pipelines. Call us, and we will send a team over to conduct a video inspection and determine the best fix. Reach out today!