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How Vertical Pipe Pose Problems for Property Managers

vertical pipe repair

When it comes to finding quick, affordable services for vertical pipe repair, quality is a priority. A clog or leak often occurs without warning, which results in a hasty decision to prevent further damage. The lack of knowledge about cured-in-place pipe methods causes some managers to select traditional pipe restoration and maintenance. This is a problem.

With CIPP vertical pipe repair, tenants and employees won’t be interrupted by vertical pipe repairs. For example, buildings do not need to be closed or evacuated for CIPP work. The water services will be restored in a short time, with little disruption. People who have experienced busted pipes or water shortages understand this is critical. A significant advantage of CIPP for vertical pipe repair is that there is little or no delay in the process.

Situational Vertical Pipe Repair

Situational issues can plague property managers when they just want to have the problem fixed. Whatever the situation, Vertical Pipe Repair can provide pipe rehabilitation. While vertical pipelines may have a negative reputation, our contractors can bridge, bond, and repair sections without requiring dramatic techniques.

This reinforces the system when the pipe hardens together. Additionally, relined pipes have a longer life span, lasting up to 50 years. In other words, you won’t have to call in replacement or labor services frequently. In CIPP, patches are applied and cemented in one operation. Special tools and techniques are also available to contractors for swapping out busted pipes with new ones. With different access methods, they can handle almost any vertical pipe issue quickly.

CIPP Provisions for Vertical Pipe Repair

CIPP blueprints provide contractors with a simple entry point for inserting tools. As traditional repairs cannot be performed this way, preparation must take precedence over repairs. Using traditional methods almost guarantees delays.

Contractors use special tools for vertical pipe repair to remove damaged pipes, including small fragments and debris. With the same motion, the tool attaches to the replacement pipe, which is then pulled into place. There will be no risky procedures that could endanger patrons or employees. The contractors are also less at risk with CIPP.

Vertical Pipe Repair Availability

Until recently, slip-lining was an industry secret. This technique couldn’t stay hidden for long, however, because liners make pipe repairs a lot easier. CIPP slip-lining connects pipe sections without compromising the rest of the system. This bonding application allows contractors to replace busted pipes in as little as 24 hours. In addition to protecting and strengthening nearby pipes, slip lining increases their durability. In addition, slip-lining requires only a small entry point, allowing this solution to be applied vertically.

The success rate of our company is well known to our clients. When the damage is in a hard-to-reach area, contractors can use a flexible camera to see where the liner should go. Contractors with CIPP simplify every aspect of the project, which is easy to accomplish. Pipes can be repaired using cured-in-place technology without cutting corners or compromising quality. For property managers, we provide expert-level services no matter where your complex’s vertical pipes are located. For a free estimate, contact us now.