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Using Industrial Slip-Lining on a Complicated Sewer System

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When dealing with complicated sewer pipe repairs, you might need to do some digging before the actual problem is resolved due to environmental layouts or pipe placement. Time and money are lost in this process. Among other things, you may have to hire multiple construction professionals to carry out the groundwork. The cost will blow your budget before the work can even begin.

Repairing pipes using cured-in-place techniques has simplified the process. CIPP (cured-in-place piping) is a popular choice for industrial repairs that don’t require digging. Liner replacement is one of the benefits of CIPP. The pipe liner is inserted within the existing pipe. The resin is injected inside to make the new parts and the old parts work together. During this process, the entire piping system is protected. This adds to the longevity of the sewer system’s many uses.

Contractors Plus Technology

Most of the repairs are performed by robots — which makes things safer for everyone. However, the traditional side of CIPP has seen some recent innovations that have further enhanced the process. By using LED lighting, the pipe is cured at a rate of seven meters every seven minutes. Depending on pipe size, the curing time can be cut down from days to hours.

A new pipe can usually be installed where it presently resides without causing extensive damage to the property. Contractors can repair CIPP by swapping out the damaged parts and then bonding the replacement to the existing system. Despite how it might seem, even the most complicated pipelines might be eligible for cured-in-place pipe repair.

Specific Procedures for Complicated Sewer Systems

A CIPP repair follows a specific procedure to get the job done with no digging involved. A tool is inserted at the entry point of the existing tube to detect the problem. Prior to bursting the old pipe, the device is connected to a new pipe. By using this method, the old pipes can be destroyed while letting the new ones through. New pipe forces make it possible to remove all old pipe pieces safely and quickly.

CIPP helps to avoid the necessity for costly excavations by providing trenchless rehabilitation. To move ahead without too much damage being caused to the property, construction managers try to avoid property problems. It is a significant concern when sewer, gas, or chemical pipelines are involved that repairs for existing pipelines can cause entire systems to become structurally unsound.

Using CIPP to Eliminate Complications

By using CIPP, sewer system complications can be minimized or eliminated. Repairs are typically made from a maintenance hole or access point upstream to avoid unnecessary damage. All steps must be optimized for the best results.

Our high-quality pipe repair solutions ensure a long-term financial benefit. Industrial CIPP will strive to fix the damages without adding any significant disruptions to your business. Sewer pipelines on commercial properties benefit from cured-in-place repairs, as do companies involved in the process. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions or would like an estimate.