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No-Dig Pipe Repair for Industrial Piping

No-dig pipe repair is a growing technology, a response to operations that need to halt while work is completed. With no-dig technologies and tactics, worksites will stay organized. In turn, pipelines will last longer once they are repaired. Cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) is the key to getting the job done. What exactly is CIPP, and why is it “no-dig” technology?

An Industrial Piping Advantage

Once the problem is pinpointed, a tool is inserted at the entry point of the existing tube while connected to a replacement pipe. Inserted before the old pipe is burst, this process lets contractors destroy the problematic old pipe without needing to break ground in most cases. This is a no-dig solution because the application of the new pipe allows contractors to remove what is needed, with all fragments of the old pipe completely gone.

Industrial piping on factory or business grounds benefits tremendously from this trenchless rehabilitation method. In fact, CIPP keeps costly excavations from becoming a mandatory procedure. Construction managers can move past property issues in a way that was never possible with traditional methods.

Operations Will Not Halt During Repairs

When it comes to an industrial facility’s use, there is often the need to tiptoe around the surrounding pipes. Just because one faulty pipe needs rehab does not keep the adjoining pipes free of damage. In fact, working on existing pipelines can cause entire systems to become structurally unsound due to friction and digging machinery.

Obviously, this is a huge problem whenever sewer, gas, or chemical pipelines are contained inside or nearby. One mistake can halt operations due to safety concerns. Delays are no one’s friend.

No-dig pipe repair keeps the system strong and does not add to the issues. With care, contractors use pipe slip-liners and resins to secure sections. Resin is injected inside without creating a large entry point. Forcing busted pipes out could lead to unstable sections. With traditional methods, collateral damage is often hard to avoid. CIPP and no-dig methods do not rely on brute force. Thanks to hours of training, contractors apply slip-liners with finesse, making sure to secure everything where it needs to be.

No-Dig Pipe Repair Equals Organized Worksites

No-dig pipe repair keeps worksites from becoming disorganized. In turn, CIPP equals a safer zone for all involved. Designed to keep pipe workers aboveground, no-dig pipe repair cuts back on the tunneling duties that are often required to reach the origins of the pipe damages. Our team uses cured-in-place pipe repair to keep repair plans on track.

Industrial Pipe Repair Without Digging

If you contact the experts at Industrial CIPP, our contractors can set up a rehab job that will keep industrial piping in top shape. No-dig pipe repair saves you money without the side effects of repair work.

Our clients never need to worry about cracks in the walls due to the pressure of digging machinery. The property will be safe from evacuation until conditions are returned to normal. Our team provides regular maintenance for industrial piping. The outcome is the one you want, rather than a job that is just acceptable. Ask us how a regular check-in will save you from numerous pipe hassles.