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Is Cured-In-Place Right For Your Pipes?

When dealing with industrial pipe repairs, there is a good chance of high-end spending. Due to environmental layouts or pipe placement, you might need to do some digging before the actual problem is dealt with. 

Clearly, this takes time and money. For one thing, you might have to hire multiple services within the construction community to do the groundwork. You risk breaking your bank before the fixing even starts.

Thankfully, innovations in the field have led to cured-in-place pipe repair, a method that simplifies repair procedures. Basically, your pipes can be replaced where they lie without extensive ground-breaking or tearing apart the property. CIPP repair lets contractors swap out the fragments of a ruined pipeline, then bond a replacement to the existing system.

Even when complicated pipelines might seem untouchable, there is a chance that cured-in-place pipe repair might be right for your situation.

The Right Steps

CIPP repair is a no-dig process that follows specific steps to get the job done. Once the problem is pinpointed, a tool is inserted at the entry point of the existing tube. The tool is connected to a new pipe before the old pipe is burst. This process allows the old pipe to be destroyed while drawing the new pipe into place. 

CIPP is a no-dig solution because the force of the new pipe allows all pieces of the old pipe to be removed quickly and safely.

As a trenchless rehabilitation method, CIPP helps to stop costly excavations from being necessary. Construction managers strive to move past property problems without taking too much of a hit. Repairs for existing pipelines can cause entire systems to become structurally unsound, which is a huge problem when sewer, gas, or chemical pipelines are involved.

These elements can be hazardous to the public, but with CIPP, little to no excavation is needed. In fact, repairs are performed from an upstream utility hole or access point to avoid needless damage. Each step is perfected to lead to the best results. Cured-in-place pipe repair is a thorough way to reach your goal.

The Right Results with Cured-In-Place

CIPP is unique because older pipes can be repaired using liners. Basically, a new liner is slipped inside the existing pipe. Then, resins are injected inside to bond the old and the new sections together. As a result, the entire piping system is strengthened in the process. 

This is the more “traditional” side of CIPP, but recent innovations have made the process even more effective. A good portion of the repairs are done through robotic machines—creating a safer process overall.

For example, LED lighting is used to cure the pipe at a rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes. Depending on the size of the pipe, this cuts down on curing time – sometimes from days to a matter of hours.

The Right Industrial Repair for You

Industrial CIPP provides high-quality pipe repair solutions. We will send a contractor over to fix your pipe damages without completely disrupting your commercial properties. Industrial pipelines benefit from cured-in-place repairs, and so does everyone involved.

Ultimately, less mess means better business and lower costs. CIPP is right for your pipes. Contact us so we can restore your sewer systems with reliable cured-in-place pipe repair.