September 2, 2017 . industri975stg

Benefit of Using CIPP for Industrial Pipelines

Industrial pipeline repair doesn’t have to be stressful. It also doesn’t have to disrupt your business’ daily flow. Traditional industrial pipeline repair methods can not only be disruptive, but end up costing your business unnecessary time and money. CIPP eliminates the stress that traditional pipeline repair often brings to business owners. Here are three benefits that using CIPP for industrial pipelines can bring your business.

Saves Your Business Money

One of the major benefits of using CIPP for industrial pipelines is that it saves your business money. You work hard to make your business money, so why waste it all on unnecessary pipeline repairs? By using CIPP for industrial pipelines, there is no need to waste your business’ money. CIPP saves your business money because it’s a no dig, quick, and long lasting industrial pipeline repair method.

Doesn’t Disrupt Business

When industrial pipelines fail, every second counts. While your pipelines are down, your business comes to a complete stand still. Some industrial pipeline repair methods can take days depending on the extent and size of the pipeline. By using CIPP for industrial pipelines, there is no need to disrupt your daily business routine. CIPP can be completed in less than a day, even on large diameter pipelines. Using CIPP for industrial pipelines gets your business back up and running without more than a hiccup in your daily business routine.

Tackles Large Diameter Pipelines

Not all industrial pipelines are small. Large diameter industrial pipelines can often be challenging when it comes to inspection and repair. Most cameras are geared towards small industrial pipelines which means that they don’t give good or clear readings of larger pipes. It often requires a skilled technician to visually inspect the pipeline to address the issue. Besides the pipeline inspection being more difficult with large diameter pipelines, repair also has its challenges. Trying to dig up or dig the ground around large diameter pipelines can be messy and inefficient. Using CIPP for industrial pipelines makes it easier to tackle large diameter pipe repair. CIPP creates a new cured in place pipe that is well formed and will have your large diameter pipeline up and running.

Using CIPP for industrial pipelines helps save your business money, doesn’t disrupt your daily routine, and is capable of tackling large diameter pipelines. Having a damaged pipeline is stressful enough, there is no need to add on to that stress by halting productivity while your pipes get repaired. CIPP is a fast, efficient, and precise pipeline repair method that can have your pipeline fixed within the day, no matter the size. Next time your industrial pipelines need to be repaired, check into CIPP.