July 31, 2017 . industri975stg

Why More Renovation Companies are Relining Pipes

In the renovation business, high-quality products that are quicker and more inexpensive to install are always popular. Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is one of those options. Using an existing damaged pipe as a way of relining pipes is becoming an attractive option for renovation companies across the country and around the world. While there are dozens of reasons why relining pipes is a better choice for your renovation, we’ve provided you a few reasons why.

Less Disruption to the Project

You’ve probably seen the improvement shows where the demo day on a project goes great until time to start construction. All of the sudden, someone notices a drainage issue. Of course, this adds a week or two to the timeline, along with a chunk of change, in order to jackhammer through concrete, expose the pipe, and fix the issue. CIPP eliminates the need for that much destruction, providing an alternative that can use the existing pipe to fix the problem. This keeps the project moving in the right direction without diverting time and labor to fixing the unforeseen problem.

Less Time Off the Job

In the scenario described above, the property owner and the renovation company also save a ton of time. The CIPP process of relining pipe is often completed in a day. That means that the crew can be back to the work you hired them to do in about 24 hours (depending on scheduling). Less time spent on pipe repair means more time devoted to the project and a quicker turnaround on project completion.

Lower Costs

Naturally, if you spend less time on a project, it will typically cost less money. So, the speed of CIPP pipe relining can help save you money by being a quicker solution to plumbing problems. However, there are other cost savings as well. Again, in the scenario mentioned above, there are several different “other costs” for which the property owner is on the hook. These include jackhammer rental, disposal of concrete, pipe and other needed materials, new concrete, and new concrete installation. Thankfully, relining pipes with CIPP removes all of that cost.

Better Product Performance

Also, the polymer coating that used in relining pipe heightens performance of the pipe itself because it allows for less build-up and higher flow quality, which increases the capacity of the pipe. CIPP is also engineered to last at least 50 years, making it just as durable, if not more, than other pipe options on the market.

Relining pipe by using CIPP may be a great option for your renovation project as well. Saving time and money, removing a disruption from the work crew, and getting a product with increased performance is hard to beat.