May 30, 2017 . industri975stg

Why CIPP is a Must for Commercial Locations

Although every modern building utilizes some sort of plumbing, the complex systems in commercial locations typically require more time and care. These come at a greater expense, and the price only grows from there. CIPP offers unique solutions to some of the most frustrating obstacles of commercial pipe repair and replacement. The examples below demonstrate why CIPP has become such a popular technique.

CIPP Protects Other Investments

Buildings are expensive, as is landscaping, paving, and every other part of your property. Since pipelines run through not only walls, but also the roof and foundation, it’s important to find a repair method that won’t incur further expenses. Chances are, you’ve recently invested in new décor in an office, fresh paint in a waiting room, or fresh sealant for concrete floors. If you have to rip through dry wall, dig up floors, and cut into ceilings, you’ll end up losing your earlier investments. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but most of the time there is a simpler, cleaner solution to your industrial plumbing problems. CIPP requires very little if any damage in order to access pipes, and it doesn’t require as much space to be blocked off for safety. These are two good of examples of why CIPP is vital for indoor commercial repairs.

CIPP Saves Appearances

Even if your location is in a predominantly industrial area, the public will pass by on thoroughfares or see your building from bridges, towers, and other elevated points. Maintaining appearances is important for your business’s overall image and reputation. Excessively dirty work zones with lots of bright caution tape and small bulldozers looks as much like an accident as an improvement. This scenario has the potential to cause unfounded rumors and a decline in local sentiment. Since industries always ride the line between offering jobs and potentially harming the local environment, perception is vital.

CIPP Prevents Future Issues in the Same Step

If you’re wondering why CIPP is so highly regarded, consider the fact that a CIPP sleeve often prevents and patches unseen or developing problems while addressing the key concern. By relining a pipe that has developed a crack, shows signs of deterioration, or suffers from a loose connection, you cover up the rest of the potential damage. Cracks rarely develop individually. If part of a pipe shows deterioration, other segments will soon follow. Addressing these future problems is an invaluable advantage. Unless you plan to pull and out and replace a large segment of pipe, no other process can offer comparable benefits. It’s certainly true that no other process offers this advantage with such a minimally invasive procedure.

CIPP cannot solve every problem, but its benefits are of tremendous value to commercial industry. It does not hinder business, and it does not create negative, gossip-fueled PR. Any damage is minimal, and since the pipe is fixed from the inside out, it does not disturb your business in the same way traditional pipe repairs must. Perhaps the top reason why CIPP is so popular is its ability to solve multiple problems in a single repair. Any of these benefits is invaluable in a commercial environment.