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CIPP Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal Industries

Your customers need easy access to a clean storefront, for your commercial business to succeed. Industrial complexes need sanitary techniques that won’t interrupt delicate machine processes indoors. Municipal systems need to handle a lot of work quickly without interrupting traffic and pedestrian flows. CIPP addresses all of these concerns. As a non-invasive, trenchless technology, CIPP offers unique, clean solutions to any industry’s pipe line concerns.

CIPP Doesn’t Interrupt Your Business

Even if a trench doesn’t block access to your building, which it very well might, it will inevitably interrupt your business. The dirt will inevitably get on walkways and travel on employees’ and patrons’ shoes into your place of business. A trench, the heavy equipment used to dig it, and the appropriate warning signs often convince potential customers that your business is temporarily closed. Your own open sign is easy to miss in the big picture, and some customers may decide the filth isn’t worth the visit.

Trenchless technologies like CIPP do not inconvenience customers and clients. Once CIPP technicians have access to your pipes, they can get to work with very little disturbance to your daily business. Although you will likely have the technicians’ trucks in your parking lot, or at the front of your business, the process does little to compromise customers’ interest in your business. Municipalities can have work done on their sewer lines without causing major traffic or restricting access to main street shops. Industrial complexes don’t need to worry about the filth being brought onto the work floor. Commercial ventures can maintain a professional appearance. CIPP covers it all.

CIPP Works on Nearly All Types of Pipe

Since CIPP relines rather than technically replacing pipes, it’s incredibly versatile. Technicians use CIPP to solve issues in everything from clay and cast iron pipes, to concrete and PVC. This range allows potential business owners to consider the process without having to consider what type of pipes they have installed first. For businesses in historic or aging buildings, this freedom of choice makes a big difference. It’s also convenient for municipalities that run various types of pipe.

This is important to note for the sake of pipes’ content as well as their construction materials. CIPP works surprisingly well, even in greasy sewer pipes, and technicians can easily seal the new lining in place to ensure moisture doesn’t leak into annular space. With this technology in hand, technicians can handle many different pipes that carry many different materials. CIPP works for gas and sewer just as well as water.

While commercial, industrial, and municipal needs vary, it’s safe to say CIPP covers it all. Whether you’re looking for a solution that won’t negatively impact the appearance of your business, or you’re looking for a safer and more sanitary procedure, CIPP has a solution. With CIPP’s versatility and range, it’s the best solution for most industries. You don’t have to consider the type or materials of the pipe you need to reline before contacting a technician. CIPP simplifies pipe problems, from initial planning to the process itself. No matter your industry, it’s worth considering CIPP.